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I have found a great post on from Deepak Singh:
How To Get CommentLuv Premium Plugin For Free.

It is about getting a bunch of plugins that give the same possibilities as the CommentLuv Premium has. I have followed the steps written there and gives dofollow backlinks in comments from today.



What does it mean: Dofollow CommentLuv

Dofollow backlink passes link juice to other sites, while Nofollow does not pass any. CommentLuv is a great plugin for WordPress. This plugin encourages other bloggers to leave a comment on your blog as it makes blogging easy. You can provide your name, email address and your website URL while writing your comment. Your SEO will improve if a blog has Dofollow comments.


Is it possible to get traffic with comments?

Yes, absolutely. It is a well-accepted strategy among bloggers, while it is also possible to get Dofollow backlinks.

Your comments should provide some insight on the topic; to make it ethical. Do not comment only for the backlink, there are two reasons for this: it is not ethical, and your comment can be moderated, so keep quality interactions.


Does dofollow links decrease pagerank?

Well, I don’t think so. Your SEO score increases when you link to a relevant content on an authority site. Comments are a little bit more dangerous. You should keep moderating the incoming comments and do not approve spam or irrelevant ones.

Do not forget: if you have a blog, it is wholly and completely yours. You can approve or disapprove comments without feeling bad. The last PageRank update was a long time ago and Matt Cutts mentioned that it will hardly happen in 2013 because Google is working on a big PageRank update. The effect of outgoing links will be redesigned too.

Update: The comments are Nofollow from 2014 because this domain has low PageRank. Probably it won’t be changed in the future.


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