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Why is it Difficult to Be a Part Time Blogger: Solving Internet Problem



Have you ever faced the difficulties of part time blogging? You must have for sure. I am running this blog as a part time activity and I was lucky until the 2nd of November because I was able to post articles almost every day. I was very happy but I had to travel abroad country for 1 week because of my full time job.

So my daily visits dropped. You can see it on the screenshot. The last day of posting an article was 2nd of November. The visit counts dropped on my website from 3rd of November because I did not have any posts on Google+ or Facebook. This means that the traffic I have is mainly driven traffic from social networks and I have only very little traffic from Google search engine result pages.



How to deal with part time blogging

Going to sleep without posting an article made me feel bad but I was not able to post anything. I had a lot of tasks to do and I also had limited internet access. By the way, I bought a prepaid SIM card for internet access, but it took time to investigate which company has the best offer and when I got the information the retailer guy told me they ran out of these SIM cards.

Fortunately I’ve entered a supermarket and they were selling these SIM cards as well. After I had to activate it via phone, then I had to wait for getting the amount available on the SIM card. It took 4 hours.

After this I was able to log in on the provider’s website and select the internet flat rate package, then I had to wait again to have it activated. Meanwhile I had to do my full time job so it’s very funny how I got internet abroad. However, the SIM card is valid for 1 year, so next time I just have to upload some funds and I can start surfing.

So, this is just to let you know how I got internet that was also needed for my full time job, the reason for my inability to do any part time blogging activity.

I came home and I had some backlogs, so I needed 4 more days to recover and write the first post after my travel.

Actually, I think part time blogging is very difficult but it’s less risky than full time blogging.



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