• Minimum word count

    Minimum Page Count for Competitive Keywords

        Probably you have already read something about Google Sandbox Effect. Probably you were wondering about the connection between page count on a website and performance in search engine results pages (SERP). I have analyzed the a few websites and I have set up a theory. I can’t prove at 100% that I’m right […]

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  • On Page SEO

    On Page SEO or Off Page SEO (Backlinks)?

        You have built your website or blog and you are thinking how to make search engine optimization? I’d suggest to step back a little bit in time. The search engine optimization must be started together with the development of the website. On page seo is essential now from 2013 because the link building […]

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  • Pixelhub.Me

    Submit Your RSS Feed to Pixelhub.Me

        I’ve found Pixelhub.Me accidentally when I was exploring the web right after I’ve just registered on About.Me. Please click here if you want to read more about submitting your feed to About.Me. Pixelhub.Me is a great place to create a website for free. They offer standard and premium memberships too. The following features […]

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  • About.Me

    Submit Your RSS Feed To About.Me

        I’ve just found About.Me website and I’m very happy to introduce it because it’s easy and fast. The website great place to create a digital business card where you can put biography, contact details, websites with dofollow links and RSS feed to your blog. You can discover other people’s profile page and you […]

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  • triberr

    What Is Triberr?

        Two weeks ago I have registered on Triberr because Renaud asked about my presence there. That was the first time I heard about Triberr. I had some doubts about Triberr but it touched my heart in the first five minutes. I like this site very much. I have several social network accounts and […]

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