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Why is Blogging Like Playing MMORPG?



Have you ever played any mmorpg game on your pc? There are several games but all of them have a very special time consuming nature.

The goal is to be stronger and stronger day by day.

The nature of blogging – when you consider it as you business – is the same. You play for hours, days, weeks, months, years in the hope of being successful.

It’s very difficult. Not just blogging but playing mmorpgs as well. Success comes after time. Victory is not yours if you don’t spend enough time. Furthermore the time you consume has to be effective and you have to be clever enough.

Without skills you have to consider doing something else.

What? Do I need skills?

Yes, friend. There are other blog where you can learn knowledge to be skilled at blogging. Luckily there are thousands of sources.

If you play mmorpgs, you have to be updated as well. You must follow the content updates, be prepared.

What about blogging frequency? It’s again. If you don’t play enough often with your mmorpg, you fall behind. If you don’t post enough often, your visitors start to decrease.

There is one speciality what makes mmorpgs better than single player games. Team playing is an essential part of it. If you check blogging it’s the same. You need others. You need bloggers to cooperate with. You need visitors to convert them to readers.

There are boss fights in mmorpgs. It means you must join a team to beat down a big and strong enemy. If you blog you should join a community to beat your beast.

At this point you must name your beast. Is it Google? Is it Bing? is it your fears?

Whatever it is, blogging is like playing to beat the game.

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