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Blogging Is Not Press To Play



Have you every felt that there is nobody on the internet? Only you are there and no one is willing to read your content?

I have to tell you: You are not alone. Thousands of bloggers are alone, sadly. Everybody is fighting for traffic but the problem is that just a few are willing to give meanwhile.

If you are very sad because nobody is out there, just click on this link to watch: Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball (Chatroulette Version) by SteveKardynal. People always have some fun.

So I think you’ve already seen this video. The guy – Steve – was not born to be more successful than you or me but he has found his way.

Ok I know you don’t want to do silly thinks like he does, neither I do. However if you check, he made something very good and the most of the rest are just imitating him. They get views but they won’t hit the sky until they become unique.

It can be seen as earning visits (views) is much more easier on Youtube than in the Blogosphere. It’s not that easy.

Blogging and Youtube are not press to play. You can have luck in getting huge instant traffic but it’s almost like lottery.



What to do? Sleep more?

No. You don’t have to sleep more just because blogging is not an overnight success. You need to chase your dreams and you need to be your own key for your blogging success.

Don’t stress yourself because you need patience and willpower. Most people fail because they give up too early. Let’s imagine a situation: you are in blogging for 3 months and you have only 30 visitors a day. You start to consider to stop blogging. And here please stop.

At first I need to tell you: blogging for 3 months is awesome too. I think most people fail after their third blog post. If you are still in the business than keep it going!



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Balazs Hende
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