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Blogging For Almost 6 Months and I’ve Learned Nothing but Patience



I have this domain for almost 3 years. I have started my blog on this domain on 1st of October in 2013. I have 20-30 visitors per day. This is my 71st blog post here.

Why am I writing this? It’s my proof that starting a blog is really not easy and it needs lot of patience and work to raise it up.

Do not be sad. I’m sure that this blog will pass the daily 1000-visitor-limit but I need much more time. It’s my milestone.

Now please check your numbers. If your numbers are not so bright then you still need time.

I have a good tip for you. I’ve read the following about posting frequency: it must be consistent and continuous, otherwise your daily visitors could decrease. But if you have 20 daily visitors then it doesn’t matter you have 20 or 18.

I’ve posted my previous post more than 3 weeks ago and nothing happened with my numbers. I mean maybe I’ve lost 10% what is 2 visitors in numbers.

From the other hand: my blog building progress has been slowed down, so it takes much more time to build authority for this domain.

The following sentence is true: you can’t be successful if you blog for the money. I confirm it.

Just ask yourself. Would you write hundreds of articles for free? Or would you be in blogging for almost 6 months without any results?

Please answer yourself the truth 🙂

If you say “yes” then you need to start / continue your blog. The success is yours. It’s just a question of time.

If you don’t have any success yet it can be a sandbox effect or lack of optimization. If you are interested you can read my tutorial here:
How to get real traffic to blog posts for free?

I wish you lot of success and remember: don’t give up!



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Balazs Hende
I am a blogger and the founder of this site. I have started on October 1, 2013. Have a pleasant stay here!

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