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Top 3 Affiliate (MLM) Networks To Avoid If You Are Not Predator



Let me guess my friend. You are sad because you are blogging since months and you still can’t make money online.

Or maybe you have already started but the money is not enough. You want more because the is simply human nature.

So, you start to search for affiliate networks and you can jump into big challenge.

You can not point to anybody from that point because you become the part of a money making machine BUT not every part of the machine make money.

If your approach or way of thinking is not ideal then you will position yourself to a less frequented place.

Please do not forget that MLM is basically a membership with an affiliate program that goes deeper than just one level. At this point is not that bad but these programs are selling how to.

There is even a brilliant setup of a MLM program. In this program you are the seller, the buyer and the product. Man! They are genius! It’s a brilliant setup. BUT you must definitely avoid it if you are not a predator.

So the first affiliate (mlm) network to avoid is


Empower network and other affiliate networks to avoid

I think it’s the best ever marketing shit ever and ever. It’s absolute number one in the world.

First you hear about it. Then you start to read & search about it. And then you run into a gate opening a secret …

Empower Network Secret - Affiliate to avoid if you are not a predator

A landing page of Empower Network (link:


There is a referral ID at the end of the url but I don’t have any, sorry. You start your subscription for – let’s say – x USD then the system starts to open the gates towards the big money.

Then, hell, stop! So did I tell it’s just the starter of the big money? Yes, I did. So keep reading.

You are being prompted about earning more because the standard subscription is not effective enough but if you pay 10x instead of x then you will make much more money because you need to make less sells.

You can even step higher if you have money.

What is basically about? People are getting rich and they are promoting it to have people following them and make the same.

The seller basically is you while you are in the crowd of buyers.

The product is the know-how of the system combined with your time and energy. Wow, you are the part of the product.

Of course you can make money by getting new people to the system.

It’s up to you where you will be in the system but keep in mind there is higher need of servants than leaders (or consider it as free-workers or payers and money-makers).

Just dig in to the numbers please. Imagine there are 9 people in the system on 3 different levels (hierarchy is 1 in the top/2 in the middle/6 in the mud).

The bottom six people can only make money if they make sales. Until the moment they sell the service they are just paying for the membership.

The business is forcing itself to become bigger and bigger because of the business model.

If you jump in, then you must grind man.

Oh and I almost forgot the second and the third MLM to avoid (if you are not a predator). So the second is BigIdeaMastermind and the third one is Pure Leverage.

But I definitely say that all of the three mlms setup and structure are great. However it’s funny that they have like a special blog platform – what you can use for the membership fee – based on open source WordPress blog platform.

You can blog alone but I know it’s not as funny as in community. But keep in mind: MLM is not for everybody.



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