• Hadron Cloud

    Hadron Cloud Mining Alpha Test

    A great alpha test has just started on 15th of January. I have applied with 7 machines so I’m very exciting about this new crypto. I will keep you updated. This is from their post on bitcointalk: Alpha2 Airdrop (Starts January 17th, while supplies last) Airdrop Instructions (you will receive your coins in our dashboard […]

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  • LBC Logo

    How to Get Free Money? LBT Giveaway!

    Have you ever wanted to find some cash? The moment is here! Click on the green button below: Get your free money! You have to register with a valid email address. You need to click on “Request LBT Bonus” to claim your free money. Please find the screenshot showing the action needed (red underline): You […]

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  • iPhone 7S or iPhone 8

    iPhone 7S or iPhone 8?

        Do you remember a story without the iPhone Home button, with integrated Touch ID to screen itself? Both John Gruber (Daring Fireball) and Wall Street Journal (both with good contacts within Apple) have commented that possibility. Now, with other great sources in Apple – Mark Gurman also supported the removal of the physical […]

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  • iPhone 2g

    iPhone 2 | Did it exist or not?

        In thе уеаr 2015,the idеа оf uѕing a multi-touch tоuсhѕсrееn tо intеrасt with a соmрutеr wаѕ раrt оf Steve Jоbѕ idеа to mаkе typing directly оntо thе display possible. Thе idеа bесаmе rеаliѕtiс in Junе 29, 2007, whеn the iPhоnе wаѕ intrоduсеd in the United State which саmе оn bоаrd with a ԛuаd-bаnd […]

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  • MLM success

    MLM Without Contacting Friends And Family Members

        “I don’t want to join any MLM company because they push everybody to join or buy something!” That’s true, I don’t like that either. But now please forget this old school strategy. I will show you how you can be successful in the MLM business in the 21st century without stressing your friends […]

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  • php mysql tutorial

    Php Mysql Select Birthdays Between the Last and Next 7 Days

        In this example I show how to get birthday dates from a mysql database. The time interval is -7 +7 days.   Let’s create the test environment first! You need to have a working web server with php and mysql. Mysql username: testing Mysql database: testing Mysql password: test123   Create mysql database […]

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