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Why Android Is Better Than Other Mobile Operating Systems



First of all I would like to tell that I have an iPhone and I like it. Before I had Android phone and in my family there is one Windows Phone as well.

Basically all operating systems are good enough. All of them have advantages and disadvantages compared to the others.

Lot of same applications and games are released on all operating systems. You can download or purchase them on different stores and marketplaces.

The funny thing that happened to me with all devices: I couldn’t use the phones to make phone call at least once.



Now let’s jump back in time a little. Now we have small computers which have better performance than old desktops. I had hardly managed my first Windows 98 installation. I had skipped the Windows 95 because I really liked DOS. Everything was working on the way I wanted and if something went wrong I was able to troubleshoot it on a very simple way.

Of course we need graphical user interface on our smartphones otherwise it would be really difficult to use text based operating systems.


Why do I prefer Android?

Android is not perfect solution. It can have problems as well. However it’s based on Linux what I really prefer. This mobile operating system is the closest one to freedom.

Android had less limitations compared to the others. I mean good functionality and easy use give an illusion that your product is very good and you can make selfies, videos and much more.

The problem is that you can do only what the software allows you to do. In reality, you spend money to limit your user experience level. You can’t copy files via bluetooth or you can’t even explore them or you can’t add simply phone contacts to your phone memory because you need to register a special account.

I don’t say smartphones and mobile operating systems are not good but I don’t like the lack of freedom.



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