Affiliate for bloggers

Affiliate Programs For Bloggers What You Shouldn’t Miss


Nowadays it’s difficult to find good affiliate programs to join. I’m always searching for good affiliate programs for bloggers and I think this one is good. Sorry, I would say great instead of good. And it’s not one but two.

Confused? I was too a little bit. If you are still curious please keep it reading.

Affiliate for bloggers

Have you ever been facing to a situation like you can’t decide: should you join or not?

I know this feeling. Especially it turns up when you have to pay subscription fee in order to participate in the affiliate program.

Well, this time you don’t have to.

These affiliate programs for bloggers are totally free to join.

One of the affiliate programs is about to promote and the other is to promote the affiliate program of BlogEngage’s affiliate program.

Both are free to promote and to make money.



Step by step guide: registration to affiliate programs for bloggers

  • 1. Go to and create an account there. You have to wait a while for the approval. It was a few hours for me.
  • 2. (Optional) Go to and register an account. I use the Standard Account. Why is BlogEngage good to promote your blog? Because you can submit your posts, write and get comments, get quality backlinks and meet new bloggers.
  • 3. Log in to your affiliate account on and you can get source codes of banners and text links to have tier 5 affiliate marketers below you or you can promote directly the BlogEngage subscription plans.


BlogEngage and AffiliateLights
So this is a great blog submission site where you can promote your blog posts.

Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage, Build Backlinks, Increase SERP and SEO
This is the banner of the affiliate program to promote BlogEngage.

Affiliate Lights Referral Images


Is it mlm?

No because you – as a marketer – can have up to tier 5 marketers. It means that you earn commission from their selling and from yours. No more levels and (if) you pay, you get a service and not just a possibility. The possibility is free to make money. I think these two affiliate programs for bloggers have very good potential.


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