Welcome to sparesome.com (alias sparesomewords.com) About page where you can find some introduction and information about the site. This site was born in 2013 however the domain is registered for years. The vision behind sparesome.com is to build up not just a simple blog but a community. Here you can find several tutorials about creating a blog, blogging and tips how to make money from it.


Important information about sparesome.com

The information can be found here is based on my personal experience, thoughts, feelings about things I write about. The language used here contains metaphors and the focus of this blog is to have different language than other sites and it is trying to be funny too. No animals were hurt under the construction of this site!



Me (Balazs Hende):
Hi guys, I’m like just any other, I’m passionate about internet and computing. I found myself in a situation where I had to create my first website in 2004. It was really funny I didn’t have any idea how to start it. It was simply html with frames (yes, really oldschool). So years passed and I decided to create websites for myself and now the time arrived to start my fourth blog. The first three was awesome but nobody else thought the same.
This blog focuses mainly on how to blog, WordPress CMS system, methods for earning money online. You can also find some posts about other CMS systems, PHP and MySQL codes, Linux stuffs and tech news. Methods I learn how to run up a blog will be shared here and all constructive comments are welcome! Guest posting is not available yet at the moment but it will be introduced in 2014 / 2015. Thank you for reading sparesome.com!


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Balazs Hende


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