One step forward, one panda

Every Time You Make a Step Forward One Panda Dies



Blogs, bloggers, blogging…. Everything is about search engine optimization… In the beginning there were only blogs. In those days there was still freedom. You were able to write about anything you wanted to. You had visitors, you had readers, and you had fun. It was easier to pop up as a search result. There were no recommendations for minimal word count in a post. Your path was as bright in the past as your doubts are dark now.

Panda came and won. Penguin followed him to execute the remaining victims. After the two beasts, Hummingbird buried the corpses. One thing you shouldn’t forget: they are animals and you are the hunter. You have to defend your territory. You have to defend your blog. I know: it’s almost impossible to win this war, yet it being fought by some heroes out there.
Your path is written by the elders. Every time you make a step forward, one panda dies.

How Can I Punish the Panda?

Panda is eating

No man can give these beasts the lesson they deserve. All you can do is defend your blog.

You need to think as a panda when fighting against Panda. Slow down, take a deep breath. Do it again and again until the resolution comes and you arrive at the final truth:

  • The Panda will never rush, and so you shouldn’t either.
  • You have time to get backlinks to your blog.
  • And the most important thing: the Panda will never cry.

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What About the Penguin?

Penguins are watching
Ingrained herd behavior makes them strong. One penguin is not dangerous, but they are legion.

You and your friends can fight against the horde if you are in a blog community. People are stronger in groups and groups can make a legion. Hunt down the lonely penguins first. Observe their behavior.

If you are able to hunt down one penguin, then you can conquer the horde. It’s just a matter of time.

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Why Should I Fear the Hummingbird?

Magical hummingbird
You don’t have to fear them if you can combat Panda and Penguin. Hummingbird is simply creating the magic around the two main beasts. Do not worry about it.

The Hummingbird can’t hurt you if you can beat the Panda and the Penguin.


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Please note: No animals were hurt while writing this post. This post is about Google algorithm updates: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird.



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