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3D Printers: The Dawn Of The XXI Century



Printing was known in the 9th century in China. The make of Diamond Sutra happened in 868.

In the 15th century Johannes Gutenberg invented a new printing method. It was the movable metal type. This method was untouched until 1853.

In 1938 Chester Carlson invented a dry printing process called electrophotography.

In 1971 Xerox invented the first laser printer. It was called EARS.

In 1976 the IBM 3800 Printing System was established at F. W. Woolworth’s North American data center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In 1992 the Hewlett-Packard company released the first laser printer with a resolution of 600 dpi (dot per inch).

In the years of 2010s the 3D printers became widely available and we can prepare for creative catastrophes 🙂



3D printers use CAD softwares and 3D scanners to make the design of the thing you want to create. The printer builds up the stuffs by 0,5 – 1 mm sized parts.

Basically it’s good for companies to create prototypes at low price for later constructions.

The price of 3D printers has dramatically decreased from 20.000 USD (in 2010) to about 1000 USD (in 2013). I think in 5 – 10 years lot of households can have one.

3D printers are not suitable for mass production as they have slow print speed. Because of this several fused filament machines offer multiple extruder heads.

If you would like to use a 3D printer then you can feel yourself lost at first. I would suggest you to visit 3ders.org to get a closer view.

“If you can draw it, you can make it” – people say. Many objects can be made by 3D printers but complicated objects can be made only by professional 3D printers.

A strange fact that a Belgian woman got a new jawbone printed by bio 3D printer. 3D bio printers use living cells instead of plastic.

A 3D printer on Amazon: FlashForge 3D printer, dual extruder w/2 ABS spools



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