Santa strikes back for backlinks

2014 Is Coming … So What? Will Santa Strike Back For Backlinks?



Probably you have already heard about PageRank update on 6th of December in 2013. Well it could be a love package from Google as a preparation gift for Christmas holidays.

Probably you survive 2013 and Santa won’t punish you. Ok, you were good in this year but there is a problem.

You need to be better in 2014 otherwise you won’t recieve PageRank next time.

The PR update happened on 6th of December because of some changes and Google engineers couldn’t avoid it.

The backlinks are counted on different way as before and backlinks are not as important as they were before.

I’ve read about the quality of backlinks and a website which has 100 outbound links gives more PR than a website with 10000 outbound links.

Don’t chase for backlinks because it can turn against your blog.

What you can do for success:

  • Comment on websites
  • Maintain your online social presence
  • Be nice and personal

Do yourself a favour and don’t buy backlink services. To build artificial backlinks is like walking on thin ice today.



How to play with backlinks in 2014?

The best thing what you can do is to keep writing new blog posts on your blog, promote them on social networks and receive backlinks on natural way.

Build and maintain your online social presence by commenting on other blogs and on social sites.

I think there is a big potential in Google+ communities. You can promote your content there and you can get visitors.

My favourite Google+ communities are:

Please feel free to join my community where you can share your content. I’m very happy if this community grows.

I think Google+ is mandatory and the utilization of every other social sites is very important to get backlinks.


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