• Writing comments on other blogs

    Why You Should Comment On Other Blogs

        It is very useful to write blog comments on a daily basis, but bloggers tend to forget a very important thing: it’s essential to write comments on other blogs. The best is probably to put comments on blogs in similar topics with your blog. Why should you do that? Because you can get […]

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  • Enjoy blogging

    Enjoying Blogging is Like World Peace

        When I’m surfing on the internet and searching for motivating stuff about blogging I always find the following sentences: Enjoy blogging Be passionate about blogging Do not blog for money Write in a niche you are familiar with … Ok, this is perfectly true, but it’s like repeating the same ideas like the […]

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  • Why did I start blogging?

    Why Did I Start Blogging?

        Recently I’ve been thinking about the main reason for why I started blogging. Actually I can’t give one primary reason. It’s like a mixture of several reasons. I read some articles about big names in blogging and I realized that most of them didn’t know where they are going. The only thing they […]

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  • Start a blog and keep it going

    Why it is Difficult to Start a Blog

        Starting a blog is not difficult. You buy a domain name, a webspace, you download the WordPress installation files from wordpress.org and you create or purchase a nice theme. Until this point it’s really very easy. You can even watch a video about How to Install WordPress Manually Using FTP. The main problem […]

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  • Bunch of roses

    Making a Bunch of Shit

        If you have at least some semblance of experience in living life then you know what marketing is. You can write two posts a day and wait for the miracle to happen. Probably it won’t happen. You will find yourself in a dark room with 800 posts. Your organic traffic is roughly 100 […]

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